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Immersive Optics


Since their launch Immersive Optics have produced a range of ultra-compact riflescopes with many unique properties.

“Immersive” – because of the experience you get when looking through their scopes. Unlike conventional scopes with long eye relief, which present the image from the eyepiece as floating distantly in front of you, the image from an Immersive Optics scope opens up the view, giving the impression that you are immersed in the scene.

An Immersive Shooting ExperienceAchieve high accuracy shooting with the Immersive Optics 10×24 prismatic day scope — the world’s smallest and most lightweight x10 riflescope.Perfect for use on compact rifles or air rifles with moderate to low recoil, the 10×24’s prism-based optical system reduces th..
High Accuracy ShootingThe Immersive Optics 10×40 prismatic riflescope is perfect for use on compact rifles or air rifles with moderate to low recoil, with a prism-based optical system that allows it to reduce its footprint when compared to traditional day optics through elimination of the usually la..
High Accuracy ShootingProviding picture-perfect clarity and an unimposing footprint, the Immersive Optics 14×50 prismatic riflescope provides the highest magnification for any sight across the Immersive Optics range.Perfect for use on compact rifles or air rifles with moderate to low recoil — with a..
An Immersive Shooting ExperiencePerfect for use with rifles or air rifle with little to no recoil, the Immersive Optics 5×30 prismatic riflescope offers high accuracy shooting in an extremely compact format.Its prism-based optical system greatly reduces its size when compared to standard day scopes ..
Immersive Optics Scope 5x24Lightweight and compact CQB style sight with medium (45mm) eye relief to suit lots of various calibres. Field of view 2x wider than traditional scopes. Despite it only having a 24mm objective lens, it still has incredible for the size light transmission.Available wit..
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