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Does not evaporate like mineral oilsBeneficial to both barrel and stockHighly water and dirt repellentStops the corrosive effects of fingerprints on airgun barrelsProduces a high sheen finish on all airguns150ml..
Phillips English Walnut Oil is a nourishing polishing walnut oil that is quickly absorbed by the wood, sealing and drying it to a polished shine.Available in a 60ml bottle..
Napier's Airgun Pull Through Kit contains everything you need to effectively clean any type of air rifle, and is suitable for .22 and .177 calibresStrong coated cable with a soft flexible loop is passed through the barrel, attach a pre- cut Rifle Clean patch and simply pull back through the gun, rep..
Ultra Soft micro filament gun cleaning cloth is an extra soft non scratch fibre ideal for cleaning barrels, action, stocks and optics. Can also be used to clean your Shooting glasses.Features:Lint Free (endless hydro laced micro filament)Highly Absorbent (Controlled release and absorption of oils an..
Plano Shooter Case is the perfect way of transporting or storing your equipment to the field in an organised carrying case with everything conveniently accessible. There are compartments for keeping your gun cleaning equipment, chokes, oils etc and there is space under the lid to keep your ear muffs..
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Airgun Cleaning Kit – .177 and .22 both calibres simply connect brass rod together comes with fixable cleaning heads...
Birchwood Casey Gun & Reel Silicone Cloth.11" X 14" Cloth22cm X 35.5cmLeaves a lustrous, lasting, protective film on all metal, wood and plastic surfaces. The double-napped, 100% cotton flannel cloth is impregnated with pure silicone and then packaged in a convenient re-closable poly bag, stayin..
Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Paste Gun Blue Kit - 3 PackA complete all-in-one pack for all your gun cleaning and blueing needs.1 x 90ml bottle of Birchwood Casey Blue & Rust Remover.1 x 60ml tube of Perma Blue Paste Gun Blue.1 x 90ml bottle of Cleaner-Degreaser Kit al..
The Bisley Silicone Gun Oil Drops- 30ml- Recommended lubricant for high velocity moving parts, air gun compression chambers, firing pins in all sporting guns and any area where sliding friction is encountered.Excellent lubricant for all sporting guns, rifles & pistolsImproves performance through..
Milbro Gun RestProvides a stable platform for you rifle, making it an inexpensive and ideal solution Holds your rifle in position for shot-to-shot consistency or to support when cleaning...
Rifle Clean patches for use with the Napier Power Pull Through Kit. Pack of 100 pre cut patches. ..
Remington Oil Wipes with Teflon lubricant- cleans, lubricates, and repels moisture.Contains 12 individual packets each with it's 6" X 8" Remington Oil Wipe...
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