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Pin in the top hole

Wolverine 2 (all models and powers)

Wolverine 1(all HP models (60,70 and 100ftlb versions only))

Saxon (all models and powers)

Renegade (all models and powers)

Pulsar (all models and powers)

Redwolf (all models and powers)

Huntsman Revere (all models and powers)


Pin in the lower hole

Wolverine1 (all low power versions (12,18,30, 35fltb))

Air Ranger (all models and powers)        

Regal & Regal HR (all models and powers)

Air Wolf(all models and powers)

MK4(all models and powers)

and all older models that are compatible with a 10 shot mag.

Magazines supplied with pin, So pin can be inserted into correct position to suit your make of rifle..
Daystate Flip Open Magazine .177New self indexing style from 2020 onwards..
Daystate Flip front Magazine : .22 CalNew self indexing style for 2020 onwards..
Magazines supplied with Pin in the top holeFits modelsWolverine 2 (all models and powers)Wolverine 1(all HP models (60,70 and 100ftlb versions only))Saxon (all models and powers)Renegade (all models and powers)Pulsar (all models and powers)Redwolf (all models and powers)Huntsman Revere (all models a..
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