Air Bottles

Air Bottles
Hydrotech Airgun Cylinders are designed to bring the maximum to your airgun experience.
All cylinders and valves are rated to 300Bar to give you the most from each fill and come complete with fitted rubber boots to give a good base and protect the paint, giving the cylinder longer life. Constructed from lightweight steel with a chrome-plated brass valve, our airgun cylinders only need to be tested every 5 years.
We now include a removable air-flow restrictor free of charge with every hose assembly.
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3 ltr Air Bottle complete
Perfect for portability, our 3-Litre 300Bar airgun charging cylinder can be easily carried around to..
Ex Tax: £185.00
5 ltr Air Bottle Complete
Ex Tax: £199.00
7 ltr Air Bottle complete
Our 7-Litre 300Bar airgun charging cylinder is perfect for those situations where portability & ..
Ex Tax: £225.00
12 ltr Air Bottle complete
With 12-Litres of air at 300Bar, this airgun charging cylinder is a perfect storage cylinder to save..
Ex Tax: £250.00
6.8 Ltr Carbon Fibre Bottle complete
Weighing in at just 4.6Kg, this cylinder is 30%lighter than a 3-Litre Steel and 60% lighter thanits ..
Ex Tax: £299.00
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