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Night Vision , Thermal & Spotters

Night Vision , Thermal & Spotters
Joining the range of HIK Micro thermal monoculars – the Lynx LE10 is focused on delivering high-level thermal performance at an entry-level price point.At the heart of this enhanced performance is the 256 x 192, 12um sensor, this delivers higher levels of image detail that will be especially useful ..
HIK Vision Vulkan 6mm 35mK Smart Thermal MonocularThe HIK Vision Vulkan 6mm delivers a high-quality thermal image and packs a host of features normally reserved for high-end thermal spotters.The 160x120px, 17µm thermal sensor (35mK NETD Rating) and HIK software delivers a detailed image to the scree..
Pard NV007A Night Vision 16mm 4x Rear Add On Scope.FeaturesHigh Definition OLED 1024X768 ScreenWifi Connectivity / Smart Phone ControlE-Compass / 3D GiroscopeHd Video Recording FunctionHigh Resolution PhotosUpto 128Gb External StorageProduct SpecificationDimensionsH: 9.7cm x L: 4.7cm x D: 10.6cmClas..
The Sightmark Wraith Digital Day Night Vision riflescope features colour HD imagery by day switching to HD night vision at night via the smooth 1920x1080HD sensor, providing clear crisp viewing at 200m with the integrated detachable IR illuminator.See the future in high definition with the new Sight..
Up until now, the popular Sightmark Wraith HD digital scope only had one mounting option and it was for the AR platform which resulted in it sitting a little far forward for some conventional rifles.Bolt-action shooters can now get full compatibility with the Wratith too, thanks to the Weaver/P..
he WULF 4K Day/Night HD Digital Rifle Scope produces a jaw-dropping 4K image and delivers unbeatable night performance. The clarity and resolution produced by the WULF 4K is industry-leading leaving the competition scratching their heads at how to compete.At the center of this unique Digital Night ..
WULF Full HD Night Vision BinocularsThe WULF Full HD Night Vision Binoculars has been designed to allow you to observe your surroundings in low light conditions or in complete darkness.The large widescreen display provides the user with a full colour image during daylight hours and will provide..
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