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FireBird Shooting Star 65

FireBird Shooting Star 65
FireBird Shooting Star 65
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FireBird Shooting Star 65 Exploding Targets


Introducing the FireBird Shooting Star 65 Exploding Targets, your ticket to an exhilarating shooting experience! These dynamic targets, boasting a 65mm diameter, are designed to inject excitement into your shooting sessions like never before.


With convenient self-adhesive backing, these targets effortlessly stick to hard surfaces, ensuring hassle-free setup wherever your shooting adventures take you. Simply affix the target, take aim with your air gun, and get ready for the thrill.


Upon a successful hit, prepare to witness a spectacular display as the target ignites with a dazzling flash, plume of smoke, and an exhilarating bang. It's the perfect blend of precision and excitement, adding a whole new dimension to your shooting skills.

However, as with any explosive product, safety comes first. Be sure to use these targets in a sensible, non-flammable location to ensure a secure and enjoyable shooting experience for all involved.


Elevate your shooting sessions to new heights with the FireBird Shooting Star 65 Exploding Targets. Get ready to ignite the excitement and take your aim to the next level!


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