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Brand: Daystate
DAYSTATE.... A NEW BREED IS BORNThe Red Wolf Midnight Blue Laminate is the latest development from Daystate. This is basically the fantastic Red Wolf in a Blue Midnight Laminate Stock. The Red Wolf holds the mantel for the most advanced PCP sporter in the world - and for good reason.A breath-taking ..
Brand: Daystate
Retaining the classic good looks of a Daystate, the Safari incorporates our latest technological advancements, the Daystate ART Barrel and Electronic GCU 2.0 Hardware, that increases the power of the 2018 Red Wolf by a cool 20%. The Safari’s ambidextrous stock sports our new textured wood finish. It..
Brand: Daystate
Daystate Wolverine R Hi-Lite Laminate is a regulated version of the Wolverine 2 but with a side lever action too. The Huma regulator improves the consistency of each shot and increases the shot count of the HiLite model to around 550 shots in .22 and 460 in .177, a massive increase in performance al..
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