OnTarget incorporates a fully stocked Air Weapons store, a 25yd indoor Air Weapons range and a Cafe.

Our mission is to provide the Midlands with a unique leisure destination for all air rifle shooting enthusiasts, whether you are a seasoned shooter or just want to try out the sport for the first time.

Our purpose built range boasts 7 shooting lanes, 5 at 25yds for rifle and 2 at 10 metres for pistol use. All lanes are well lit and serviced by a 'fly by wire' target system.For those who use PCP we have an air supply which is free of charge whilst using the range. There is a selection of targets to chose from included in lane hire.

The fully stocked store provides a range of consumables along with all shooting paraphernalia. Both new and second hand air weapons starting at £40.00 are available.

Rules Of The Range:

  • All Under 14's must be accompanied by an over 21 year old
  • Strictly a two person maximum occupation per lane
  • No spectators inside the range
  • Keep guns pointed down range at all times
  • When moving to the benches ensure the gun is not loaded and the safety is on
  • Ensure guns are carried muzzle down at all times 
  • Ensure guns are safely placed on the bench to avoid guns being dropped
  • Always assume your gun is loaded
  • Never remove your gun from its bag outside the range
  • Only lead pellets/BBs to be used

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