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Deluxe Adjustable Slingshot

Deluxe Adjustable Slingshot
Deluxe Adjustable Slingshot
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SMK Slingshots make excellent quality Slingshots they are ideal for target practise or for delivering bait for fishing.

They include an arm/wrist support for greater accuracy.


•Solid steel/nickel finish
•Sleek pistol grip handle
•High quality latex SMK elastic
•Shoots all steel and glass ammo
Leather grip ball pouch
•Flexible wrist support

Please read safety warnings and use the SMK slingshot in a safe and responsible way.

18+ Only

Never aim your Slingshot at people, windows animals etc
Always check behind your target
Slingshot ammo can travel over 400 yards at over 200 miles per hour
Always wear protective eye wear when shooting Slingshot 

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